1 Brave dancer + 5 gallons of blackish ooze + 18 hours of cleanup = music video

Video production has been winding it’s way into the studio for the last 18 months. I have been shooting mostly short clips of products, you could call it product photography that moves. This was a chance to work with a director form LA, a stylist from Saturday Night Live and an awesome DP. All are dear friends who cut their teeth together in the NYC production business.

The amazingly talented (and brave) dancer, Adrienne Wagner spent two days covered from head to toe in wet, sticky, blackish ooze. The filming was fast and furious, thanks to a tight script and strong direction from Mattson Tomlin.

It is never a wise thing to mix flying ooze and camera equipment. But I must say, there were no major spills or splats, just a phenomenal amount of cleanup!

Thirst by KNOX