On Location in Sedona

2,500 miles from home + an amazing crew of 12 + the one and only producer, par excellence, Christopher S.

We were contracted by a major medical device company to produce and shoot patient transportation in remote and desolate areas. March is a tough time to shoot in New England, so we packed up and flew to Sedona.

Chris flew out to Arizona in February and scouted locations for hundreds of miles around the Phoenix area. The trick was to locate three locations, a Med-flight heliport, long and empty road and a rugged backcountry location, all accessible by a crew of 12. Two weeks later locations were set in stone, permits pulled and  models, stylists and the crew hired.

The southwest is such a beautiful place to shoot in late winter. The flora was just blooming and the weather was perfect. It’s hard for me to describe the light; though beautiful all day, it comes alive before sunset. We strived for long open shadows and a bleak, rugged background. Sedona did not disappoint!