Wandering the Bahamian flats with a fly rod.

Off the coast of Grand Isle is a small and barely inhabited island. Water Cay is comprised of coral, palm trees, one generator, two abandoned churches and a small fishing lodge. There are no sandy beaches, no nightclubs, no tourist attractions.  The only reason to visit Water Cay, is to cast to a tailing bonefish with fly and rod.

Water Cay is surround by miles and miles of flats. The bonefish move onto the flats to feed in water so shallow their top tail fin is visible. The flats offer no protection from their predators. Speed and a distrustful disposition are their only defense. The trick is to get close enough to these fish to present a fly, but not spook them. When everything falls into place and you actually hook a bonefish, they hightail it for deeper water. Line screams off the fly reel, all you can do is hold the rod high and hope you don’t run out of backing. Once brought to hand, the fish is released unharmed.

One could say, “That’s a lot of work for nothing,” but that’s just the point!